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Nickel Department

Demand for nickel is expected to grow significantly not only as a raw material for stainless steel but also for lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles. Nickel Department supplies various nickel raw materials and products to global customers, and is working to develop a variety of new projects in order to ensure further stable supply in the future. 

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Lithium Department

Demand for lithium is expected to grow significantly in the future as it is one of the main raw materials for the lithium-ion batteries needed to power the fleet of electric vehicles that is expected to grow rapidly in moving towards a carbon-neutral society. The Lithium Department supplies lithium raw materials to our global customers and is working to develop numerous new projects to ensure a more stable supply in the future.

Rare Metals Department

Rare metals and rare earths are the raw materials for permanent magnets indispensable for electric vehicles, SAW filters essential for smartphones, abrasives for semiconductor manufacturing and other components that are crucial for achieving a carbon-neutral society and the further development of digital society. The Rare Metals Department works to provide a stable supply of these rare metals and rare earths to our customers.

Hydrogen Materials Department

It is essential to establish hydrogen industry to materialize carbon neutral society. Leveraging the global network Mitsubishi Corporation Group has across various industries, Hydrogen Materials Department supplies components and materials required for Fuel Cell and Water Electrolyzer which are core technology in hydrogen production and its use. We also engage various new business development to build hydrogen value chain.

Mobility Related Business Department

The mobility industry is seeing a rapid increase in the need for vehicle weight reductions, the development of electric vehicles, and the recycling of raw materials used in order to achieve a carbon-neutral society. The Mobility Related Business Department, together with partners, manufactures, sells, and recycles aluminium parts for the mobility industry that are indispensable for meeting these needs. By leveraging the Mitsubishi Corporation RtM Group’s global industrial network to capture the industry's most advanced needs and developing this aluminium mobility component business, we will contribute to the further development of the mobility industry as a whole and the realization of a carbon-neutral society.