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Privacy Policy

Mitsubishi Corporation RtM Japan Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “the Company”) recognizes the significance and importance of the personal information of those accessing this website. We will exert the utmost of care in its handling and management, as described below. This policy provides for the basic policy on the handling of a variety of personal information collected by or provided to the Company.

1.Personal information collected by and provided to the Company

Should the Company request your personal information, it will notify you of or publicly announce the purpose(s) for which it is to be used in advance; provided however that the Company may not notify or announce the said purpose(s) in advance in the following cases.

  • Information contained in business cards received from executives and employees of our customers, information obtained in relation to businesses through any means such as emails and postal mails (our customers' information such as names of executives and employees, company names, addresses, titles and positions, phone numbers, email addresses), the relationship with our company and other personal information that may come to our knowledge in the course of business
  • Information on users of our website (such as IP addresses, domain names and browsers) *Users can view this website without disclosing their personal information and their personal information cannot be collected by only accessing this website. We may use “cookies” when users visit this website again to provide them with better service suitable for each user. Unless users enter their personal information by themselves on this website, these “cookies” cannot be used to identify individuals. In addition, users can set their browsers to refuse “cookies”.
  • Information contained in communications conducted and conversations held by our executives and employees via our business emails and telephone system
  • Recordings of all visitors made for security reasons at the reception area
  • Information (such as contact information and positions of persons in charge) provided by our customers (including their executives and employees)
  • Information provided by third parties in a lawful manner for reviews to ensure compliance including the prevention of money laundering

2.Purposes of using personal information

The Company shall use personal information collected by and provided to the Company for the following purposes.

  • To promote business transactions and maintain good relationship with customers (such as negotiating, executing and performing the agreement, management of the transactions, communications related to transactions and notifications and greetings based on social conventions).
  • To manage and improve this website.
  • To prevent the Company and its executives and employees from being involved in criminal acts.
  • To fulfill obligations imposed on the Company by laws and regulations and to defend in legal disputes.

The Company shall use personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the above purposes and always exercise the upmost care so as to prevent the invasion of privacy of those who provide personal information (providers). The Company shall notify providers of the purposes specified separately herein in advance when it requests their personal information and use the said personal information within the scope of the purposes only when it is agreed by the providers in advance.

If the Company becomes necessary to obtain customers' personal information based on laws and regulations and accordingly requests them to provide such information, it will notify them in advance. Otherwise, the Company shall use customers' personal information for the above purposes.

3.Disclosure of personal information to third parties

The Company may disclose personal information collected by and provided to the Company to the following parties when deemed reasonably necessary to achieve the purposes set forth in the above 2.

  • Executives and employees of our Group companies
  • Other executives and employees of an organization to which a customer who provided personal information belongs.
  • Outside operators to whom the administration of this website and the management of the information system have been entrusted (however, the said provision and disclosure are made under strict nondisclosure agreements and limited to the scope required)
  • Courts, regulating authorities and other public institutions in cases where the provision and disclosure of personal information is required by laws and legally binding requests.

Note that the above disclosure (transfer) of information shall occur both in Japan and abroad.

4.Management of personal information

The Company endeavors to maintain the security and safety of its system and this website so as to prevent the unauthorized access and disclosure, loss or leakage of personal information collected by and provided to the Company. Moreover, we promptly dispose personal information that is no longer necessary.


The Company may make changes, revisions, or additions to these contents in accordance with revisions to laws and regulations or if otherwise required. The Company will respond in a timely manner to all requests to disclose, amend or cease use of personal information and to all other inquiries regarding personal information.

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