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Precious Metals Department

The Precious Metals Department, with main bases in Singapore, Tokyo, New York, London, and Shanghai, operates round the clock, procuring precious metal ingots from producers and others based on long-term contracts, for stable supply to customers around the world. It also supports a variety of transaction forms including average-price/long-term fixed price contracts and lease contracts, and provides a wide range of market information drawing on the Mitsubishi Corporation RtM Group and Mitsubishi Corporation global network.

As the Japan base of the Mitsubishi Corporation RtM Group, it carries out trading with customers mainly in Japan, South East Asia, Central Asia, and Middle Eastern markets. To counter rises in market prices and spreading price volatility, the department also provides the increasingly necessary risk management schemes in line with customer needs.

A vertically integrated value chain, merging the company’s trading functions with Mitsubishi Corporation investments in precious metals refining and processing firms, makes it possible to provide customers with high added value functions and services.

Main products / business line

Gold, silver, PGM (platinum, palladium, iridium, ruthenium, and rhodium)

Examples of main industrial uses

GoldElectronic parts and materials, dental materials

SilverSolar panels, photosensitive materials

PGMAutomobile exhaust gas purification catalyst, electronic parts and materials, catalysts for making chemical products, dental materials

The following are examples of final products using precious metals:


Hard disks

Solar panels

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