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Base Metals Department

The Base Metal Department handles raw material concentrates of copper, lead, zinc and other metals, ingots of copper, lead, zinc, tin, and the like, and copper products such as copper wire rods.

Copper, lead, and zinc concentrates are produced from mines in North and South America, Asia, Oceania and elsewhere. The crude ores extracted from mines undergo processes such as grinding (crushing the ores into small pieces) and dressing (adding chemicals and other agents, and stirring to extract the metallic portion), and are shipped on bulk carriers in the form of powder concentrates with higher metal content. Our most important mission is to provide stable supply of raw materials to Japan's smelters and refiners, and we primarily sell materials from mines in which Mitsubishi Corporation has invested and holds product trading rights.

Copper ingots have outstanding electrical and thermal conductivity and are highly malleable. After processing into wires, rolled forms, and other products, copper is consumed by the construction, consumer electronics, electric power, automotive and other industries. Through the global network of the Mitsubishi Corporation RtM Group and Mitsubishi Corporation, we procure products from worldwide suppliers, and copper ingots and byproduct anode slime produced at the Gresik Smelter and Refinery in Indonesia (in which we have invested), and supply these products to customers in Asia.

Due to its low melting point, tin is widely used in solder, tin plating, and chemical products. The ease of smelting and refining and the high stability of lead make it applicable for use in batteries, inorganic chemicals, and radiation shields. Due to its formation of oxide films, zinc is widely used for protecting iron from corrosion, and in diecast and rolled copper products.
Our company handles products from suppliers all over the world, including Japan. For tin ingots, we primarily sell the products of PT Timah in Indonesia, the world's second largest producer of tin.

Main products / business line

Nickel metal, ferronickel, nickel ore, nickel sulfate, cobalt oxyhydroxide, cobalt metal, cobalt sulfate, etc.





Copper metal ingot1

Copper metal

Copper metal ingot2

Copper metal

Copper wire rods

Copper wire rods

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