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Rare Metals Department

The Rare Metals Department handles products used as raw materials in permanent magnets, carbide tools, electronic materials, refractories, and catalysts. The main products include rare earths, tungsten, tantalum, neodymium, and zirconium minerals such as baddeleyite.

Rare earths are essential elements in many products adopting the latest technology, being used in high-performance permanent magnets for electric vehicles, air conditioners, and other consumer electronics products. They are also used in semiconductor wafer polishing agents as well as in catalysts that protect the environment, making them important raw materials indispensable to major industries. The company handles several rare earths based on customers' needs.
Tungsten is used in a wide range of fields, from the carbide tools used in making cars and processing semiconductors to automotive glass and industrial gas. The company extensively handles from intermediate raw materials such as ammonium paratungstate and tungsten carbide to downstream products such as wires, bars, and other products.
Tantalum is recently is attracting attention as in important raw material in SAW filters essential to smartphones except for widely use in tantalum electrolytic capacitors, and With a supply chain that extends from concentrates used as raw materials to intermediate products such as tantalum oxide and tantalum metal as well as neodymium metal, the department is ready to meet customer needs.
Baddeleyite is a raw material which is used in refractory materials and polishing agents and is currently produced on a commercial basis only in Russia in the world. As the sole sales agent for the Japanese market, the company provides stable supplies of baddeleyite to customers. It also supplies several zirconium intermediate raw materials such as zirconium oxychloride.
The company has a long history of handling the above products and materials. Leveraging the Mitsubishi Corporation RtM Group and Mitsubishi Corporation global network, it not only stably procures excellent raw materials from their main production areas including China, Russia, Australia, and Africa, but has a wealth of experience also in product development and raw materials procurement in Japan and abroad tailored to special needs of customers.

Main products / business line

Rare earthRare earth products (carbonates / hydroxides / oxides / metals / alloys)

Tungsten-typeTungsten wire / Ammonium paratungstate / Tungsten trioxide / Tungsten powder / Tungsten carbide

Tantalum-Niobium-typeTantalum Concentrate / Tantalum scrap / Tantalum Oxide, Niobium Oxide / Tantalum Powder, Niobium Powder / Tantalum Carbide, Niobium Carbide / Tantalum alloy, Niobium alloy

Zircon-typeBaddeleyite / Zirconium Oxychloride / Zirconium Carbonate / Zirconium Oxide

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