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Company Profile

Mitsubishi Corporation RtM China Ltd. ("RtM China"), formerly known as the mineral resources and metal division under Mitsubishi Corporation China Co., Ltd. (a 100% subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation) which was established in China in 1995, officially starts to cover all the mineral resources and metals trading business of Mitsubishi Corporation in China from April 1st 2020.

RtM China, as a 100% subsidiary company of Mitsubishi Corporation RtM International Pte. Ltd. ("RtMI"), which is located in Singapore and known as the global headquarter of the mineral resources and metals trading business of Mitsubishi Corporation, is always standing by the three Corporate Principles of Mitsubishi Corporation, and keeping in step with RtMI's business principles by making the best use of our global network to expand and strengthen our relationships throughout the mineral resources and metals business fields in China.

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Meaning of "RtM" in the Company Names :
"Resource to Market" symbolizes our commitment to supplying quality minerals and metals to the market via sustainable means.

■The three Corporate Principles of Mitsubishi Corporation :
"Shoki Hoko" (Corporate Responsibility to Society)
Striving to enrich society, both materially and spiritually, while contributing towards the preservation of the global environment.
"Shoji Komei" (Integrity and Fairness)
Maintaining principles of transparency and openness conducting business with integrity and fairness.
"Ritsugyo Boeki" (Global Understanding through Business)
Expanding business, based on an all-encompassing global perspective.

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Core Business in China and Global Network

Mitsubishi Corporation has been involved in mineral resources and metals business in China for more than three decades, and RtM China will expand and strengthen business relationships with our partners and customers by trading in a wide range of metallic and mineral-based commodities, such as iron ore, copper (including copper concentrates, copper cathode, anode, etc.), aluminum (including bauxite, alumina, ingots, second alloys, etc.), precious metals (including lease business), stainless materials, rare metals and non-ferrous metal products with regards to vehicle manufacturing industry.

The active and long-term stable investments that Mitsubishi Corporation has in mining globally (such as investments in Australia, Chile, Peru, etc.), and RtM's global trading network which are located among the most sophisticated cities in the world (such as Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai, London, New York, Dubai and New Delhi), make it possible for RtM China to cover a wide range of mineral resources and metals throughout the whole industry value chain so that the company could be able to satisfy our clients' actual business needs in China on a very stable and reasonable basis.

In addition, RtM China contributes to offering more value-added business solutions to our partners and customers, with our professional teams who have the most specialized experiences in the fields of risk management (credit risk management, commodity market risk management, quality control, etc.), logistics (seaborne chartering, inland transporting, port stock operation, warehouse stock operation, etc.), structured trading scheme, market research analysis and so on.

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