RtM Value Proposition

Leveraging on the extensive global networks and assets of Mitsubishi Corporation, we provide a stable and reliable supply of metal and mineral-based resources, together with customized business solutions.

As an integral part of the Mitsubishi Corporation Metals Group, our consolidated resources in raw materials, supply chain, up-to-date market intelligence and professional expertise offer a well-rounded strategy to all your needs.

Whenever and wherever you require trade-related support, you can be assured of our dedicated service.

Empowered by our worldwide assets and established partnerships throughout the mineral and metal supply chain, we provide ideal delivery and financing solutions for your operations.

Our distinguished industry experts and stringent business conduct assure you the most professional of services to meet the most complex of needs.

Market Intelligence
You can rely on the customized market intelligence services that are based on our proven track record, in-depth market analysis, as well as industry-specific reports that are supported by updated market commentaries from around the world.

Global Network
Our extensive network, comprising local offices and affiliates in over 90 countries, enables round-the-clock access to both international and regional market insights and services, providing accurate information and timely business solutions.

Mitsubishi Corporation Mineral Resources Group

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