Nickel, Ferro Alloy

product_nickelWe trade a wide range of raw materials, including Nickel Metal, Ferro Nickel, Nickel Ore, Ferrochrome, Chrome Ore, Molybdenum and other Ferroalloys. These materials are mainly used in stainless and special steel production, which is widely applied in the automotive, construction, transportation equipment and consumer electronics industries.

Global Sources for All Requirements
We have worldwide access to diversified sources, including those originating from Mitsubishi Corporation and its subsidiaries’ own operations and capital asserts, and from other reliable third parties. With our long history and global presence in the Nickel and Ferroalloy trading business, our customers around the world can rely on our established global network for the supply of minerals resources and market outlook.

We also provide hedging options for price risk mitigation, logistics and financing services, meeting the needs of suppliers and customers.

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