Mitsubishi Corporation RtM Japan (RtMJ) is a valued and trusted partner of Japanese customers for over 60 years. Covering primarily the Japanese market, RtMJ contributes to the majority of the annual global turnover. Formed out of the former Kinsho Corporation, after taking over Mitsubishi Corporation Non-Ferrous Metal Products Co., Ltd. and changing the company’s name to Mitsubishi Corporation Unimetals Ltd., it has been merged with Mitsubishi Shoji Light Metal Sales Corporation in April 2010, and continued to develop it as a core company in the trading of non-ferrous metals in the Mitsubishi Corporation Metals Group.In addition to the various commodities managed by RtMI, RtMJ also trades a specialised stable of commodities for the Japanese Market, such as metallurgical coal, rare earth and metals, heat exchanger materials and non-ferrous products.

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