product_copperOur copper trading operations include sourcing copper concentrates, blister, anodes, cathodes, wire rods as well as billets and cakes. We supply these products to customers worldwide, mainly in China and other Asian countries, Europe and the U.S.A.

Reliable Resources
With our long-term investment in copper mines and smelters by our parent Mitsubishi Corporation, we have a balanced portfolio of diversified suppliers, including equity metal resources products like copper concentrates, zinc concentrates, copper anodes and copper cathodes. This is what sets us apart from pure trading houses.

Global Network
Through our affiliation to other Mitsubishi group companies, including Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, as well as our close relationships with many other suppliers and customers, we have established high credibility and a good reputation in the copper industries. We trade on the London Metal Exchange and the Shanghai Futures Exchange, catering to domestic businesses in China in RMB.

Leveraging on the Mitsubishi Corporation global network, its divisions and subsidiaries, we are able to offer a comprehensive range of services, including financing (in the local currency of respective countries), timely physical deliveries, and price-risk mitigation through hedging.

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