product_thermal_coalA great deal of global coal trading is carried out at our hub in Singapore, as well as offices in Tokyo, Beijing, New York, London, Jakarta, New Delhi, Johannesburg and others. A diverse group of staff located worldwide also engages in coal trading for origination, sales and marketing and market intelligence.

Global Leverage
Our sustainable supply of coal to customers all over the world comes from a wide range of sources, mainly Australia, Indonesia, USA and South Africa. We leverage on our extensive global network and close relationships with our customers, suppliers and other players in the industry. We offer a variety of solutions that are tailored to our customers’ requirement, with capabilities of trading, brokering, hedging, logistics, quality and credit risk management and mine financing.

Market Analysis
In addition to the customized business solutions, we offer in-house market analysis that is designed to best suit our customers’ needs. With our market intelligence incorporating both static and dynamic market movements, we assist our customers in seeking and capturing opportunities in this fast-changing market.

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